Parcoeur is a project by vzw Stappen in which young people do something creative with their life’s story.
‘What is Love?’ – The first production of Parcoeur with Leonie Buyse and director Danny Keuppens – was premiered in 2019 in NDC2, the European conference for narrative therapy. For this autumn the productions “Dossier O.” and “KOPPSTEM” are on the program.

Danny Keuppens (°1969)

attended RITCS and studied drama. He was dramaturg and director for Het Paleis and Theater Malpertuis. After working together on numerous social-artisic project in Gl De Zande, he switched to youth care. He is now the context supervisor at vzw Stappen, where he is the driving force behind Parcoeur.

Warre Keuppens (°1997)

attended the Film course at Narafi. He was part of a collective that made the feature length movie “Teleurdeugd”. Afterwards he was a camera-assistent for the television series “GR5” and “Before we die”, both directed by Jan Matthys.

Arno De Facq (°1996)

attended the film course at Narafi and also worked on the feature length movie “Teleurdeugd” during his studies. This was the start of a series of projects where he did editing, sound, camera, animation, music, …. (i.a. “Light for the World”, “UntitledXXI”, De Residenten”).

Rozemarijn Dijkstra (°1998)

has a quirky fondness of words and cherishes mankind in its most beautiful, prideful, and fragile ways. She loves to work on poetry. She works at a homeless shelter and likes to social and artistic projects.

Ruben Vanwonterghem (°1995)

is Master student Performance music at the Conservatorium in Ghent. He was involved as drummer in numerous projects such as VRONI, NOIA LLUNA and Still Crazy.