In Ledeberg – police Zone 050 – There is a group of young people who have met each other in Keizerpark or Centrumplein. It is said about some of them that they use drugs, deal, commit crimes… A one sided story.
In “ZONE(N)050” these young people get a chance to tell their side of the story. About the problems that they have to deal with, how hard it can be to grow up and stay on the right path, and about their dreams. One sided, but just as true.
ZONE(N)050 is a documentary about sons, with sometimes absent fathers and super mothers.

Directing: Danny Keuppens
Camera, light, editing: Warre Keuppens
Sound, editing: Arno De Facq
Music, drum: Ruben Vanwonterghem
Music Editing: Tom Gaublomme en Stan Vangheluwe
Assitence: Rozemarijn Dijkstra
With: Ali, Akrem, Anskia, David, Joko, Joshua, Kristjan, Khalid, Marek, Mostefa, Nassim, Nelly, Nelson, Nessim, René, Shariff, Victor, Yassine and many more
Production: Parcoeur
With subsidies of: Stad Gent
With the help from: vzw Stappen and vzw Jong